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Useful Websites

Art and Design

Drawing at Home

Drawing Techniques

Drawing Tools and Materials

Famous Drawings and Drawings Movements


National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE)


Kids World Travel Guide | Geography for Kids | Travel Guide | Quizzes (

The Map Room – Blogging about maps since 2003 (

World Map / World Atlas / Atlas of the World Including Geography Facts and Flags -

Geography Primary Resources | National Geographic Kids (

Useful Apps to download

Geography Quiz Game 3D by Webelinx

In this app, you will race around the world playing Geographical quizzes in different countries as you reach them. Compete against other players, answer questions and complete achievements with this quiz game.

GeoExpert Lite by Educapix

GeoExpert is an app designed to help you learn all of the countries in the world (countries, territories, capitals, flags, rivers, mountains etc)

Volcanoes & Earthquakes by Volcano Discovery

Volcanoes & Earthquakes shows the latest earthquakes across the world.

Flags and Capitals by Xcentric Games

A great app to help you learn the flags of different countries. You can select a flag and see the capital city on a map, and find out how far away you are. 


Historical places to visit


MATHS parents resources and links

Addition Facts

Times Tables Puzzle Sheet

Parent Workshop - Times Tables check


Nursery resources to share with parents

Reception Music resources to share with parents

Year 1 Music resources

Year 2 Music resources

Year 3 Music resources

Year 4 Music resources

Year 5 Music resources

Year 6 Music resources

Physical Education (PE)






Support for parents and carers in PSHE SRE



Useful websites to help your child EYFS Reading

Useful websites to help your child KS1 and KS2 Reading

Nursery Recommended Reads

Reception Recommended Reads

Year 1 Recommended Reads

Year 2 Recommended Reads

Year 3 Recommended Reads

Year 4 Recommended Reads

Year 5 Recommended Reads

Year 6 Recommended Reads


Tube Map KS1

Tube Map KS2

Religious Education (RE)


Talking to your child about special celebrations:

  • Birthdays
  • Wedding Anniversaries

In school we use the Cbeebies ‘let’s celebrate’ programs that shows children preparing for different faith and cultural festivals.

We focus on:

Christmas –

Easter -

Eid -

Diwali -

Chinese New Year -

We also look at how children celebrate the Saints Days

St David’s Day (1st March) –

St George’s Day (23rd April) –

St Patrick’s Day (17th March) -


Year  EYFS -  Message on a banana experiment

Year  EYFS - Changing states -  Bouncing egg experiment

Year  EYFS - Changing states -  Gummy Bear experiment

Year 1 - Materials and their properties - sugar sparklers

Year 1- Plants  -  Bees and pollination experiment

Year 2  - Plants - Make a mini ecosystem

Year 2 - Uses of everyday materials - paper towel colour mixing

Year 3 -  Forces - parachutes

Year 3 - Light - make your own kaleidoscope

Year 4 - Sound - Plastic cup telephones

Year 4 - States of Matter - dancing raisins

Year 5 -  Properties and changes in materials- colours in felt tip pens experiment

Year 5 - make your own volcano

Year 6  - Animals including humans - Make a digestive system

Year 6  - Light - How to grow a rainbow


Useful websites to help your child EYFS Writing

Useful websites to help your child KS1 and KS2 Writing

KS2 Grammar Website