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Nursery Admissions


If your child is entitled to the Early Education Grant for 3 year olds for 30 hours (entitlement starts the term after they are 3) for example, if your child’s birthday is during the Autumn Term, they will not be eligible until the Spring Term. You will not be charged for the additional 15 hours of sessions if your child is eligible. However, this does not include the lunchtime sessions, these are chargeable separately. If you do wish for your child to start before they are eligible for free funding, you will need to pay for the additional sessions.



  • No cost to you for 15 hours of flexible entitled funding – The lunchtime supervision fee is £2.00 and your child would need to bring a packed lunch
  • Additional 3 hour session fee for early starters £13.50 per session prior to their start date


Please note that if your child is entitled to 30 hours free childcare you must visit Childcare Choices | Vouchers, Tax Credits and More | Help with Costs | GOV.UK to apply once you are offered a space a Bonnygate. Please note, we cannot secure your 30 hour space without your Childcare code.

Our Nursery timings are as follows;

Morning- 8:30am- 11:35am

Lunch Session- 11:35am- 12:10pm

Afternoon- 12:10pm- 3:15pm

Nursery Admissions Policy

Nursery admissions form