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Our Governors

We are very  lucky to have a very dedicated Local Governing Board who work extremely hard on behalf of the school.  Each Governor is a volunteer and receives no payment for what can sometimes be a very demanding and difficult role.

Many of our Governors are parents, who hold down a full time job as well as dealing with Local Governing Body business.  We do not underestimate their contribution to  the school and thank them for their hard work and commitment. All governors terms of office, other than that of the Headteacher, is for 4 years.

Full Governing Body meetings are held each half term and meetings will focus on either curriculum and pupil related matters or finance and premises.

Individual Governors agree to accept responsibilities for different areas of the school, their role within the school is to monitor the way the school is managed by the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team and to act as a ‘Critical Friend’ to the school.  The governors set the overall policy and ethos of the school.  Their main roles are to monitor and evaluate school improvement including curriculum, finance, premises and personnel.  

Our Governors are always willing to listen to parents’ views of the school and to approach the Headteacher with any concerns parents may have.  Parents wishing to contact the Local Governing Body can do so by writing to the Clerk to Governors c/o the School Office.

Please see for information around our Trustees and Members.

Community Governors

Tim McSweeney
Chair of Governors
Term of office started: 1.11.2020 Term ends: 31.10.2024
Simon Dady
Vice Chair of Governors
Term of office started: 1.11.2020 Term ends: 31.10.2024
Nichola Whitehead
Term of office started: 29.3.2023 Term ends: 28.3.2027

Parent Governors

Raquel Gonzalez
Term of office started: 23.2.2022 Term ends: 22.02.2026
Elizabeth Imo
Term of office started: 28.6.2023 Term ends: 27.6.2027

Staff Governors

Hannah Brewster (Teaching staff)
Term of office started: 1.12.2021 Term ends: 30.11.2025
Kirsty Potter (Support Staff)
Term of office started: 1.11.2023 Term ends: 31.10.2027
Laura Spencer
Term of office started: 1.9.2021 Term ends: N/A
Louise Coates
Term of office started: Term ends: N/A

Associate Members

Nicola Townshend (Deputy Head)
Term of office started: 1.9.2021

Previous governors who served over the last 12 months

Kirsty Potter
Term of office started: 23.2.2022 Term ends: 22.02.2026 Ended due to becoming staff member
Karen Stukins
Term of office started: 1.11.2020 Term ends: 1.11.2024

Interested in becoming a school governor?

Governor attendance 

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